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Oh, I Am So Sorry! I Didn’t Mean To Scratch Your Face

Performance, 2017, 25 minutes.

The performance is part of an ongoing performative project. The play explores the concept of "ugliness" and savagery, proposing a redefinition of savagery in times of crisis. Through a collection of narratives, masks, and images, the play questions the archetype of ugliness, drawing from both historical and contemporary drama productions.

In the subgenre of horror films, the Zombie is depicted as an antagonist - an infected, rotten, and ugly human who threatens others with infection. Similarly, in One Thousand and One Nights, also known as Arabian Nights, the Ghoul is a fearsome creature that floats between life and death, once again portrayed as an ugly entity. In these drama productions, the Zombies and Ghoul are depicted as ugly antagonists with monstrous bodies that threaten the protagonists. These perfect humans are portrayed as the heroes who defeat these creatures. Both dramas emphasize the concept of the ugly body as an antagonist that deserves to be killed.

The play uses the models of Zombies and the Ghoul to explore possible modes of existence in times of perpetual crisis. By presenting a darker edition of A Thousand and One Nights, the project delves into the question: "If savagery is a mode of resistance, how can we contemplate its aesthetic?"

Episode #1: Christopher Columbus Meets Diego Diaz
Episode #2: The Journey Of The Meteor To Meet His Beloved
Episode #3: Isabelle Searches For Monad
Episode #4: Oh I’m So Sorry I Didn’t Mean To Scratch Your Face
Episode #5: A Gift To Those Who Contemplate The Marvels Of Renegades
Episode #6: Count! How Many Renegades I Still Have
Sub-Episode: When It comes To Truth I Wouldn’t Dare To Tell It