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Isabelle Searches For Monad

Performance, 2016, 35 minutes.
Starting from Isabelle Eberhardt's history: was a writer and traveler in 1898 she dressed like a man and left Europe to North Africa "Sahara" and called herself Si Mahmoud Saadi before she died, Isabelle was the leader of the Qadiriyya Sufi order. Through the research of Isabelle's biopolitics matter, within the notion of "Queer Diaspora" the performance questions the possibilities of the story as one of the unaccountable bodies of knowledge. Considering the medieval perspective of "Monad." as an intro to the mystical wolds of the body.

Episode #1: Christopher Columbus Meets Diego Diaz
Episode #2: The Journey Of The Meteor To Meet His Beloved
Episode #3: Isabelle Searches For Monad
Episode #4: Oh I’m So Sorry I Didn’t Mean To Scratch Your Face
Episode #5: A Gift To Those Who Contemplate The Marvels Of Renegades
Episode #6: Count! How Many Renegades I Still Have
Sub-Episode: When It comes To Truth I Wouldn’t Dare To Tell It