Count! How Many Renegades I Still Have?

Performance, 2017, 25 minutes. 
The performance is a sub-episode from the series project [Dramatic episodes about Locomotion]: A performance/essay-based project, considers narrative as an essential tool, using narration from its theatrical foundation. The project proposes the narrative patterns of myth, history, and ideology, by employing a variety of aesthetic forms: from poems and prose to narrative; from oral storytelling to religious rhetoric. Personal anecdotes are interwoven with historical events, where real and imagined protagonists, crystallizing collective desires into fictitious personae. What emerges is speculative historiography that relies as much on conspiracy theories, play, and drama component convention, as on fact; where historical truth unfolds as an encounter between an event and its manifold mediation. In this episode, the narrative selects some characters from the previous episodes and new ones, to examine the rule of the body in renegades history account, using the case of male circumcision as a form of necropolitics.