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A Gift To Those Who Contemplate The Marvels Of Renegades

Performance, 2017, 35 minutes.

The performance involves establishing a narrative archive featuring a selection of seven characters, namely Isabelle Eberhardt, Jan Janszoon, The Ghoul, Haroun Kanshour, The Carpet, Diego Diaz, and Meteor. These seven characters float between real figures and are marginalized from history, whether it be from the history from below, fiction, or almost fiction. The selection of these characters, with various statuses of renegades, has to do with "Queerness, Mercenaries, Myth, Forced Migration, and Diaspora", and the narrative will explore these various currencies of locomotion. The props and tools used in the performance play the role of the characters' archive. This archive consists of books, cartographies, poems, images, soundtracks, and objects. The performance narrative moves between all these materials as a means of storytelling.

*The project roduced by CENTRALE FIES within the program of LIVE WORKS PERFORMANCE ACT AWARd.

Episode #1: Christopher Columbus Meets Diego Diaz
Episode #2: The Journey Of The Meteor To Meet His Beloved
Episode #3: Isabelle Searches For Monad
Episode #4: Oh I’m So Sorry I Didn’t Mean To Scratch Your Face
Episode #5: A Gift To Those Who Contemplate The Marvels Of Renegades
Episode #6: Count! How Many Renegades I Still Have
Sub-Episode: When It comes To Truth I Wouldn’t Dare To Tell It