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Unbearable future that slips through my fingers

Unbearable future that slips through my fingers, 40 minutes, 2023 
Lecture Performance

Unbearable future that slips through my fingers is the first episode of the umbrella project Fiction as a reality we missed.

The episodic umbrella project combines fiction-making and fabulation to examine the imaginary world of those who are vulnerable, defeated, and oppressed in reality. Explores how the landscape is an image that frames an imaginary world(s) and makes them visible. The project contemplates the relationship between fiction, landscape and hope, departing from the idea that landscape is a theatrical composition of various objects and elements ordered together in specific ways and particular perceptions. Therefore, when we speculate about different realities, we reorder those components to make our fictional world visible.

In this episode, the speculation floats over the future of infrastructure in Egypt mapping the imagination of the state and below. The narrative is composed of archival material, hearsay, rumors, conspiracies, dreams and events to propose a counter-narrative that could be a space for the negotiation of hope.