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I Might Learn More from a Fish

Installation consist of 28 Variable Sizes of Drawings: Watercolor, Pigment, and Ink on Cotton Paper, 2024 

In the 1880s, British colonial forces introduced Water hyacinth, a free-floating perennial aquatic plant, to Egypt. This invasive species was transported on ships from South America and used as an ornamental plant in the British settlement along the Nile shore. The Water hyacinth exhibited rapid growth and spread throughout almost all aquatic habitats in the Nile ecosystem, posing a threat to the existence of various native species, such as the elephant fish and the Nile Tilapia. Over time, native fish developed defense mechanisms to survive, resorting to brutal tactics to resist the encroachment of water hyacinth.

The speculative drawings in this project depict a landscape shaped by conflicts within biomechanical system of invasive and indigenous morphed species, juxtaposed with remnants of humanity's past. Through weaving a fictional narrative the work contemplates the concept of a landscape of brutality as an image reflecting and rethinking the notions of subjective violence, resistance, and brutality at a micro level, providing a consideration of a non-human perspective as a learning model.